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Reservoir Study

CIPG is an engineering and geoscience consultancy with offices in Calgary.  The majority of CIPG staff have in excess of 20 years of experience and are registered professional engineers and certified petroleum geologists.  CIPG staff specializes in reservoir appraisal and description, reservoir analysis, geological modeling and reservoir simulation studies, secondary and enhanced oil recovery studies, and reserves and economic valuations.

CIPG provides a comprehensive solution to reservoir problems.  Our integrated analysis incorporates the disciplines of:



Log Analysis

Well log analysis is one of the most fundamental methods for reservoir characterization. A good log analysis will provide the best tool to a have good knowledge about the reservoir, otherwise a poor one will mislead all of upcoming studies on the reservoir.

Core Analysis

Core analysis provides information for reservoir description, characterization, and simulation; log calibration; recovery methods; and other purposes throughout the life cycle of a field.

A successful core analysis gives the best tool to understand the static and dynamic behaviour of the reserrvoir.

PVT Analysis

Pressure-volume-temperature (PVT) data have far-reaching applications in reservoir engineering, from estimating reservoir engineering, from estimating reserves to planning surface facilities to marketing crudel.

Well Test Analysis

Well Test Analysis is the best tool to understand well and reservoir performance. These days more and more data and be extracted from this test, including hydraulic connectivity, minimum connected volumes, compartmentalization, prediction of water break through and more over.

Geological Modeling

Geological Modeling is a crucial part of a study which merges lots of data from different sources to come with a robust representative of the reservoir. Thus, this should be done with a good understanding of geological knowledge and also computer software, which needs years of experience on different kind of reservoirs. 

Reservoir Simulation Modeling

CIPG has extensive experience in both black oil, compositional and Thermal simulation. Our models range from small-scale reservoir models to very large, full-field and multi-field models.

Geomechanical Modeling

Geomechanical Modeling is relatively young specifically in oil and gas, but it's usage and importance is growing so fast nearly in all aspects of upstream of the petroleum industry, from exploration to production and abandonment. So the experts in this field are narrow. 


Geological Studies are the main core of every upstream study. It needs a high level of geological knowledge and extended experience on varieties of reservoirs specifically complex structural or stratigraphical ones.